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Ray Vidic, Owner
With over 30 years working  in a variety of Customer Service Businesses in Juneau. Ray brings his love for people and his vision for a business that truly meets the needs of  the people. He believes Integrity Heating will be seen as the"Affordable Alternative" not only for price, but for the quality of service the company is committed to provide it's clients.
Ben Phillips, Owner
As the owner of Tongas Marine in Petersberg, during the past 20 years, Ben has sold over 3,500 Toyo and Monitor Heaters and serviced over 1,000. Ben is looking forward to helping those clients who , because of our business model,  will be able to afford our services.  Ben's wealth of experience is our customer's insurance that they are getting the best of care!
About Integrity-Heating

Integrity-Heating is family-owned and operated right here in Juneau, Alaska. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. 

Integrity Heating was founded in 2011, when Ben and Ray realized there was room, in Juneau and Southeast Alaska, for a business that serviced and specialized in the repair and sale of "like new", refurbished and warrantied Monitor and Toyo Heaters. Our goal is to meet the needs of those  families and individuals who can't afford to "Buy New", Our goal is to be the "Affordable Alternative". 
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Committed to helping you, our customers, stay warm and worry free in the comfort of your homes.